What permissions are required to access the Receiver/Custody Portal

The permissions are assigned by the EACAT user manager of the entity The available roles are:

  • Admin: this role allows access to the Receiver Portal in order to manage invoices with their corresponding status changes. If you have delegated the custody of the invoices to the AOC Consortium , you will have to assign yourself this role to be able to consult them from the Custody Portal, but no change of status can be made.
  • Responsible for the service: whoever is assigned this role, will be able to receive the FTP data by e-mail whenever they request it.
  • DIR3 manager : this role allows you to manage the relationships of the entity's DIR3 codes in e-FACT.

How to access the Receiver/Custody Portal?

Access to the Receiver's Portal or Custody Portal (depending on the e-FACT mode chosen) is made through the EACAT portal through authentication with a digital certificate or, with NIF/password, by clicking on the "Access" button.


Once the EACAT authentication has been completed, access to the e-FACT portal is made through the " Applications " tab.


What options do I have from the main screen?

The different options you will find on the main screen are indicated in the following FAQ: Receiver portal

If you have delegated custody of the invoices to the AOC Consortium , you will have all the options available, but no change of status can be made.

When accessing e-FACT through EACAT, the error “Operation not allowed” appears

This error usually indicates that the identified user does not have service permissions, as a user of EACAT, you can check in the tab “Settings” > My space, if you have permissions of the e-FACT service. If you do not have permissions, your user manager will have to assign them to you.

It can also indicate that the entity has not requested this method of accessing the service. If this is your case, you can consult the step-by-step guide to get started with the e-FACT service .