The AOC Consortium's electronic invoicing service offers an alert system to entities that have integrated their accounting software into the e-FACT . These alerts are sent to the mailbox indicated in the e.FACT registration form in the "Alert reception email" section.

These alerts inform the body if it has files ( invoices, attachments and statements ) waiting to be downloaded and incorporated into its accounting systems. Specifically, the alert message is generated if files older than 12 hours are detected in the e-FACT mailbox without being downloaded by the entity .

In this way, the user is alerted that there is a possible incident in their software which is why the new invoices, statements or attached files are not being collected.

How can it be solved?

If you receive these alerts, you will need to contact your accounting software provider to check your organization's FTP and check that there is no issue preventing these files from being downloaded. Keep in mind that these files must be collected (downloaded) by your accounting software and once downloaded must be deleted ( in the case that only the files are downloaded and not deleted, the e-FACT will continue to send reminders ).