1. Click on the "Manage reports" option on the side menu of the eFACT home screen.


2. In the " Configured Reports " dropdown, select the report you want to generate:


3. Once the report to download has been chosen, the tool will ask for the date range of the invoices that must appear in the report.


4. Click "download" and then you will be shown the list of all the requested reports, with their corresponding download status:

  • Requested: The report is being generated. Depending on the size of the report, this can take from a few minutes to several hours (especially if the invoice status history report is requested).
  • Downloaded: the report has already been generated and is available to the user who requested it.


Actions you can take in the reporting grid:

  • Click on the iconImage6.png to download the report.
  • Click on the iconImage7.png to delete the generated report from the list of reports,
  • Click on the iconImage8.png to update the status of files pending download.