The receiver portal only reports a number of fields in the invoice content that have been defined as basic. In this way, although e-FACT accepts those invoices that include in the extensions "utilities" fields such as this field, these are not homogeneous for all suppliers and are not approved by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and therefore, right now, they are not validated or displayed in the viewer.

Right now, to be able to view this and other particular fields of certain providers, there are two solutions:

  • Use the private and free viewers offered by the providers themselves. The procedure is to register on the supplier's website as a customer to be able to do all the operations and see invoices. In this PDF invoice you will find the details, for example, in electricity and gas suppliers, you can find the CUPS, "Código Universal de Punto de Suministro".
  • Ask the suppliers to send you the attached PDF invoice with a visualization that allows you to see these fields.