In order for the e-FACT service to address invoices to the corresponding administrative body, the DIR3 codes of the body must be identified on the invoice. In EACAT you have the space where each entity can manage its DIR3 codes.

The DIR3 codes that each body manages in the EACAT can be consulted by any supplier on the Invoice Delivery Portal . This query of DIR3 codes is frequent given that for more than 2 years, we have been informing suppliers that they must report this data on the invoice.

The DIR3 codes that you can use in e-FACT are the codes that are registered in the "Common Directory ". You can check how to manage DIR3 codes in the "Common Directory" in the DIR3 registration FAQ.

DIR3 codes of the “Common Directory”, FACE and e-FACT

DIR3 codes must always be defined in the “Common Directory”. In this space is where the entities define their organization. This organization can be very basic, so that only a single level of DIR3 code is defined, or more complex, where the entity identifies its entire organization in one set of DIR3 codes.

Once the entity has been defined in different DIR3 codes (or just a single DIR3 code), there are applications that, due to their operation, identify entities by DIR3 code instead of NIF. This is the case for FACE and e-FACT. So when an invoice is sent, it would be necessary to identify the entity by the DIR3 code, and with this DIR3 code the entity can manage the invoice by the corresponding unit.

So do I need to register the DIR3 codes of my ens in FACE and e-FACT? In e-FACT it is necessary to register them because in the invoice delivery portal, we can inform the suppliers of the DIR3 codes of each entity. There is no need to register DIR3 codes in FACE, unless you have suppliers that issue invoices via FACE. Only in this case, the DIR3 codes must be registered in FACE.

How to register DIR3 codes in FACE

To register DIR3 codes in FACE, you must apply to the ministry of your body for registration in FACE, using the FACE application form.

How to manage the DIR3 codes of my administrative body

To manage the relationships of the DIR3 codes in e-FACT you need the EACAT user manager to assign you the permission called "DIR3 Manager" of the e-FACT service

E-fact filter with Admin, DIR3 Manager and Service Manager options

Once you have the permission, from EACAT/Applications/e-FACT go to the "DIR3 Relationships" section where you will find the "New DIR3 Relationship" option

relationship section DIR3 - New relationship

And in the DIR3 relationship creation window, report the DIR3 code data:

When you click on Accounting Office, the service queries your entity's DIR3 codes and displays the DIR3 codes defined in the "Common Directory" of the unit that will process the invoices:

Click on the " Apply " button when you have defined the DIR3 codes of your unit. If you want to delete the data you have reported, click on the " Clean " button:

Remember that you must have previously registered these codes in the " Common Directory ".

How to search

You can search by any field. If you have, for example, these DIR3 codes defined:

And you search for "tour":

It returns the following result:

When you have an active search, it shows you a blue circle above the filter:

You can also do more refined searches, searching for a specific DIR3 code for an OC, OG or UT, by clicking on the filter element:

And reporting the field with which you want to search with the content to search: